Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cold Calling Secret

Cold calling is not my favorite thing. If you've heard me speak my stance on cold calling is, Why? Why cold call when you can network your way into warm leads.

I attended a workshop put on by the
Institute of Management Consultants here in Portland and gained some insights from Cold Calling expert, Kathy Maixner of Selling Smart that changed my mind.

Now I know why I've always liked Kathy! Her fresh perspective on cold calling is very similar to my take on networking. I came away with 5 simple insights about cold calling.

1. Cold calling is just a contact. It is not the sale.
2. Be crystal clear on your target.
3. Be prepared. Do your homework on the company you are calling.
4. Have a script. Create a vocabulary that works for you. Make it meaningful.
5. Get over yourself.

I realized some people feel about networking the same as I do about cold calling. When I took the "sales" out of networking, contacts were easy. Kathy showed me, when it comes to initial contacts, whether cold calling or networking, it is just a point of discovery.

If cold calling is in your future, back up and rethink your objective. First to learn more, then to get an appointment to explore mutual benefit.

Happy Selling!

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