Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More Sales Made Easy! 5 Steps to Boost your Impact

Sales increase is the buzz in the air this year. Tactics, opportunities, belief, excitement! As a business strategist I find myself dissecting this activity, yet again, to find it is the little things that make a big difference.

The act of selling is comprised of so many components (not to mention the changing markets) it is an activity that requires continuous attention. Here are some tips to tune up and make the process your own.
  1. Map the sales cycle. i.e. lead generation, first contact, second contact, proposal, review, close. Make sure you identify all the steps. (My technique is to get out a chart pad and make a flow chart.) After you have identified the steps, check yourself. Where do you lose prospects? What can you adjust to better connect with the client?
  2. Review your sales conversation. Are you using a presentation style, discovery approach or combination of both? Identify the key conversation components and review your vocabulary. i.e. opening questions, developing questions, qualifying questions, closing questions, power statements, follow up questions, sales presentation. Ask a peer for feedback on your process.
  3. Check your belief system. What is going on in your head as you work through the steps of the sales process? i.e. Do you find yourself thinking, "Sales is hard", "Nobody is buying", "I need sales", etc? This is an area that can kill your sales results! If you find you are suffering from "stinking thinking", call a coach, get some training, ask your something! Until you fix this all the others will not create lasting change.
  4. Re-define your target market. Are you talking to the right prospects? If you have been selling, review your best customers. Create a profile of your ideal target market. Focus on their demographics, geographics, and psychographics*. *values, character qualities, and motivators Make sure you are working with the right people!
  5. Assess your frequency. Are you performing your highest payoff sales tasks consistently? Why not? Implement systems, block time, and find a way to hold yourself accountable.

When you need more sales, whether your sales cycle is short or long, fine tuning any one of these areas will create impact.

Need more sales training? Check out Jeff Schneider at Sandler Sales System. Click on the calendar to find out more about his Cold Calling Clinics and Sales Boot Camps.

Another great sales resource is the book by Ron Willingham, "Integrity Based Selling for the 21st Century: How to Sell How People Want to Buy".

We are looking for more sales tips! Let us your favorite.

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