Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Magic of Linked In

When I first discovered Linked In a few years ago I made a determination that it was a valuable resource for those looking for jobs or searching for employees. It was a perfect way to introduce people I knew looking for contacts within larger companies but didn't seem to have a fit for marketing smaller businesses. with most social networks LinkedIn is being morphing by its users. We are making their infrastructure work to meet their needs.

Here is an example. I received an unusual request to connect last week from Jennifer Nguyen, CEO of Citinannies who found me on Linked In, researched my site and emailed me directly. This request was unique in that she wasn't trying to sell me something (like some who've cold called me through my Linked In profile) but framed her request in a tactful intelligent way. Of course I responded immediately and had a highly productive conversation. I thought you might like to see how she framed the invitation to connect.

Dear Kathie –
I know we both have a lot going on with our professional and private lives....being is busy is good I suppose in our fast paced world. My name is Jennifer and I wanted to formally introduce myself to you. I would love hear more about your business. Would you like to take 10-15 minutes on this Thursday or Friday to collaborate or brainstorm ideas how we can help each other?

Let me know what time/day it is convenient for you or just feel free to me on my direct line anytime on Thursday or Friday. If you are not available those days, let me know what day is best for you next week.

I am looking forward to talking with you! Thank you for being my linked-in connection.

Jennifer Nguyen

I learned Citinannies offers more than a nanny directory and is looking for strategic partners for potential expansion to new areas. Plus learned she has another business she is looking to launch and may need some strategic direction that I might be able to help her with.

Overall this was a great experience and one I hope to duplicate from my end. What about you? Would connecting with strategic partners through LinkedIn or your other social networks be of value to you? Think about ways you might connect. If you've already had a great experience. Please share!

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