Friday, July 18, 2008

Women United in a Common Cause = Business Growth

Creative energy abounds when people of like minds come together. Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of experiencing what happens when entrepreneurial women are together in one place with a common objective; to grow their businesses.

It was a fluke I was even present at this annual women’s event but as a result of attending I discovered a renewed focus, energy, and enthusiasm to keep moving forward in building my company. The event, eWomen Network Annual Conference, in Dallas, Texas ran Thursday through Sunday. The days were packed with quality speakers, break out sessions, opportunities to work with coaches, talk to publishers, and network with other amazing women.

A couple of refreshing insights stand out.

  • Women connected for a common cause make things happen. The heart of this organization, the eWomen Network Foundation, raises money throughout the year through their chapters and annual auction. The foundation’s beneficiaries are local non-profit organizations making a difference in the lives of others. The worthy recipients were nominated by those in the local chapters. On Thursday evening, to kick off the event, representatives from the nominated non-profits received their distributions. I was impressed with the diversity of the amazing people. It was quite a moving experience. An auction held during the evening raised another $185,000. WOW!
  • Women supporting, believing, and encouraging other women to reach new heights…means everyone grows. We are talking BIG growth. eWomen has an annual award for emerging leaders. I met with a couple of last year’s nominees and the 2007 recipient. The publicity from receiving the award in addition to the connections they made grew the finalist’s business to over 1 million dollars.
  • Women absolutely want to connect. Not only to gain assistance but to give back. Sprinkled throughout the weekend were eWomen’s signature Accelerated Networking and Wisdom Circles. Women had the chance to connect quickly in meaningful ways and provide feedback and problem solving. Priceless.

Visionaries, Sandra & Kim Yancey along with Taya Levine started with their vision of a robust yet dynamic women’s organization and filled a niche connecting women in business. Regardless of the size of her business, every woman walked away with something. I sensed an attitude of wealth and abundance throughout the event. Only a very special women’s organization could incorporate everything from a “girlfriends” tone to the nitty-gritty content of how to build wealth and make money.

For those of you serious about growing your business, I encourage you check out the organization and mark the calendar for next year’s annual conference in August. The benefits gained from time away from your routine, challenges to your thinking, and new relationships are worth every penny.

Get started today. Look for a chapter in your own backyard.

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