Friday, September 12, 2008

Run with the Big Dogs! How hanging out in the Big Leagues can help you play a better game.

Did you start your business with a BIG dream? Do you find yourself wondering what happened? Sometimes all it takes to re-connect to your vision is to get out of your own back yard.

I attended a conference in Dallas in July. I arrived exhausted. Knowing I would be leaving town I was working in hyper-speed (no, that is not only speed at which I operate) trying to make sure everything that needed to happen happened. You probably know what I'm talking about.

This was my state of mind when I arrived at the eWomen Network Conference (blog post below) and ran into Nancy Juetten, PR Brain from Bellevue. This chance interaction kicked my brain into action. I realized I had, due to life circumstances (motorcycle accident in July 08, 5 months in a wheelchair and a few other life happenings), lost sight of what I was really working for. A scary insight for someone like me who coaches on this all the time and values practicing what I preach.

Throughout the 3 day event I connected with professionals from all over the US and Canada. As I shared with them my specialty and learned more about their goals, needs, and passion it occurred to me that somewhere along the line I began settling for less than I imagined. Basically I had returned to pitching in the minor league. Many I encountered were pursuing big goals and making them happen. A person of action, I asked myself what needed to change so I could get back in the game.

THEN I heard Michael Gerber share his original vision for the E-Myth. Michael started out with a vision to help broken businesses. His vision changed when he realized something was missing. He is now pursuing, building, and realizing his BIG dream in The Dreaming Room. This finishing touch to the weekend pushed me over the top to get back on track and gave me permission to return to my own dreaming room.

Here are a couple of quick reminders to inspire you to action as you begin to envision 2009:

  1. Visit your "Dreaming Room" often.
  2. Hang out with others who are playing in the Big Leagues. Find them in your own back yard, blogging, connect through social networks or attend events in other areas.
  3. Ask yourself where you might be compromising your dream.
  4. Check your calendar. Does it reflect what you value? Does it contain a balance of activities that move you toward your dream? If not, what needs to change? Insight: How you schedule your time represents what is important to you. Plan your calendar on purpose.

I believe we are given dreams and an ability to acheive them (The Dream Giver, Bruce Wilkinson). Don't squander your talent by settling for less than you imagine!

Have some successes? Please share!

Here are a couple from my corner just since July:

  • Scheduled to shoot video for 12 one minute strategic sales tips in 3 weeks with Spirit Media
  • Working with editors, layout designers, and publishers to redesign our information products
  • Drafting a book proposal to bring a fresh idea to networking that doesn't currently exist in the market...(it is under wraps for right now)
  • Working with WordPress expert to convert current website and blog to the latest in technology and support our reader community goals
  • Recipient of the Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon Lifetime Acheivement Award
  • Networking with Nancy Juetten, DIY Publicity Expert

Can't wait to hear from you! Network strategically....


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