Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Don't change for change sake! Do what works.

I joined a new marketing mastermind team last month. I found Bernadette Doyle of Client Magnets by referral from Jenny Hamby, SeminarMarketingPro.com.

I find it interesting the gems of wisdom that show up when I reach out beyond my own backyard. In Bernadette's monthly call last week I was reminded of some key principles in creating change.

As I listened to Bernadette share her nine key strategies to her best year ever in 2008 I reflected on my own results. While my business revenue increased overall I sure had a roller coaster year recovering from my adventures in 2007. (Don't know about what happened to me in 2007? Read my
blog posts.)

What I learned is that I didn't even know what I didn't know when it came to recovering from a major accident. Reflecting back and wrapping up 2008, I intend to create a different kind of change in the upcoming months. I am not talking about change for change sake...I don't want change just so I have something different because this year was rough. I am talking about following proven practices and pursuing change in areas that WORK. I've already made and plan to continue implementing incremental changes that will create a BIG difference in my life and results in the upcoming months.

What about you? Want to take charge of "being the change you want to see in the world?" (Ghandi) Again, not talking about change for change sake but change on purpose with results!

Unleash some of these common truth principles to create uncommon change:

  1. For something to change...some things have to change. We live full lives doing things that produce the results we see today. The truth is basic...if we want something different, something has go. What are you ready and willing to give up to make a change in 2009? What am I changing? I am giving up some of my volunteer work and a few of my networking organizations. Curious? Watch for upcoming teleseminars on how to choose where to show up.

  2. If you don't know where you are going...anywhere will do. Without a clear goal, short or long term. It is easy in this unique period in our business economy to become distracted by fear, the media, our peers, our emails...you name it. Wham. Our eye is off goal. The basic truth is that we will be doomed to mediocrity and will not excel without clear compelling goals. What am I changing? I plan to work with my mastermind group and continue re-connecting with my vision to energize, accelerate, and pull me forward.

  3. 80% of your best business comes from 20% of your clients, network, and efforts. Conversely 80% of our time is spent creating 20% of our results. The Pareto Principle clearly illustrates the basic truth that not all efforts produce equal effect. What am I changing? I plan to launch 2009 focusing on the highest payoff activities, clients, and network to make best use of time and energy.

It seems like I am always preaching about getting back to basics but the basics are what work....in any economy!

Do you have some basic truths or principles you use to drive your business? If so, please share!

Many things possible in 2009 and a renewed focus on time and energy seem in order. I am moving forward with an eye open for potential and opportunties and looking for others who are doing the same!

Happy New Year...Happy Networking!

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