Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sizzling Summer Strategies for Busy People

Summer’s here! As temperatures rise, so does the need to keep your business growing despite the challenge of juggling vacation-season schedules to call on prospects.

The good news: This is a great time to plan your fall strategy!

For many businesses, the bulk of business is done in the fourth quarter and has tremendous impact on their annual revenue. If you want to capitalize on the opportunities presented during this prime buying season here are some tips for making this your best fourth quarter ever:

  1. Find your starting place: Assess your current revenue position and determine where you need to be to by December 31. Do you have the people, information and plans in place to get you there?
  2. Check in against your business/marketing plan: Having a plan in place helps guide your marketing, sales and new product/service development efforts. Are you on target with your customer contact activities, new product development and lead-generation campaigns? Are you following up?
  3. Measure your efforts: You can only improve when you know how you’re doing now. What benchmarks are in place to measure your successes (and failures)? Are you using the right tools and are they measuring the right activities to keep you clued in?

Best practices in sales productivity boil down to this bottom line: Do you know how many customers, products, or packages you need to reach your revenue goal? From there, who can help you reach more of that audience?

Tap into your network: Take stock of your relationship with the key players in your network. Knowing who shares your market and connecting with key players in your network can be the catalyst to not only meeting your revenue goals but launching you over the top.

Happy Networking!

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