Monday, January 12, 2009

Visioning energizes actions, attitudes and opportunities

I had the opportunity to work with a group of dynamic women this weekend, facilitating their journey to update their vision for 2009. WOW! Every year I am surprised by the power of this simple ritual.

(Tia Ribary, Kate Thornton, Sherrie Harries, Kathie Nelson, Carol Gunn)

I was introduced to Visioning or Treasure Mapping, as some call it, in the mid '90's in my last career. I began to see the value of this tool when I started my own business in 2002.

Barbara MacKay, NorthStar Facilitators

What is a treasure map? John Kalench, founder of Millionaires in Motion, defines it as "a collage of pictures that stimulates your visualization process. It's made up of pictures of what you want to have, do and be! A gallery of carefully chosen pictures that represent to you chosen outcomes you want to create in your life. It contains pictures specifically of those outcomes and others that strongly suggest the feeling or essence you want as well. It can be any size."

Check out some of the Treasure Maps we created! Watch for more as our participants submit their final products.

Ana Matiella, ACMA Social Marketing

Here is mine...not quite finished but has some of the key components! I am stepping OUT!

Want to create your own treasure map? Email us for our "how-to" workbook. The workbook includes a bonus that connects your annual goals to your vision to create quarterly initiatives to move your vision forward!
I believe outrageous success is possible for you in 2009....regardless of the economy! The trick is in how quickly you adapt, dig in to your niche and serve your core market.
To your success! Kathie

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